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High Tech Failure Reconstruction / Forensic Engineers


Lou Bilancia, P.E.
Electrical/Electronic Forensic and Consulting Engineer

Plain English analysis and testimony involving...
Residential & Industrial Electrical Fire Cause and Origin
Appliance Failure Analysis
Electronic Medical Device Failure Reconstruction
Defective Design / Manufacture
Electrical Fire / Injury
Medical Devices and Monitors Safeguards
Industrial Control Systems
Computer Hardware / Software Malfunction
Computer File Corruption / Tampering
Electronic Industry Hazardous Material Injury and Contamination

Consulting Services Include
Electrical/Electronic Patent Consulting
Loss Reduction: Electrical Equipment Salvage and Repair Estimates
ISO 9001 Design Controls Gap Assessments
Assessment of Quality Assurance Systems and Design Controls
Computer File Reconstruction and Recovery
NPI, Design Cycle Time, and Concurrent Engineering
Reverse Engineering, recreation or substitution of spare parts
Upgrade, Replacement, and Support Service for in-service Obsolete Equipment

Design Services Include
Embedded Microcomputer and Real Time Digital Control
Circuit Susceptibility Analysis (ESD, RFI, EMI)
Conducted and Radiated Circuit Emissions
Mixed Analog-Digital CMOS IC Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Reliability and Failure Prediction (MIL-HDBK-217F)
Product and Process Qualification Planning (MIL-STD-883)
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Including Medical Systems & Life Support (MIL-STD-1629A)

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